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life long learning
The Centro Territoriale Permanente for long life learning in Conegliano is instituted by the  Italian Ministero Istruzione UniversitÓ e Ricerca.(Ministry of Education) 

It refers to Direzione Didattica I░ Circolo in Conegliano. 

 The teachers and the cultural workers are provided by the Ministry.

In this web site you’ll find info about:

  • Our seat;
  • The “accoglienza” where the teachers give information on the activities promoted by the CTP;
  • The courses of the middle school, of Italian language for foreigners, of foreing languages , of computer science and Cad, professional courses for workers and much more;
  • The enrolment fees and the attendance at classes modalities.
For more info please, send us a mail. 

Enjoy your surfing!

Centro Territoriale Permanente per l'istruzione e la Formazione in EtÓ Adulta - Via Ortigara n░ 62  tel 0438450746  - IC "Grava" Via F. Filzi n░ 22 tel 043823655 fax  0438411355 - 
31015 Conegliano (Tv)